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Local Opportunities

Ever thought about getting involved with the Local? Well here you will find the various opportunities that come up to work with the Local and to help our members take an active role it in.

SPC Member Education

Educated members are vital in making our union stronger each day. Ever wonder what a steward is, or what different members of you union do? Unifor 649 is offering training for our SaskPower members to find out these things. - check out the link below to register for the 2023 member education series.

March 28, 2023


Congratulations to the following members who have been appointed to the following committees:

Unifor 649 Bylaws: 

Brother Bob Taylor

Unifor 649 Women's Committee: 

Sister Christine Carter-Garr

Saskatchewan Federation of Unions: 

Sister Kim Williams

SaskPower Grievance Committee:  

Brother Aaron Tisdale

Welcome Aboard, the phrase is written on multi-colored stickers, on a brown wooden backgro
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