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Stack of report paper documents for business desk, Business papers for Annual Reports file

Useful Documents for Members

Here you will find various documents from the Local and National Union

Local Expense Form

This form is what members who are on an approved leave for union business are required to submit to the local office (with a copy of your Bargaining Unit Leave of Absence) in order to claim expenses for union business.

Constitution & Bylaws

Here you will find the most recent updates to Unifor Legislation. This will include the Unifor National Constitution and Local 649 Bylaws that the locals membership have adopted.

Unifor National Constitution

Here you will find the most recent copy of the Unifor National Constitution as adopted at the most recent National Convention

Unbalanced Scales of Justice

Unifor Local 649 Bylaws and Policies

Here you will find the most recent bylaws and policies that were approved by the NEB of Unifor.  These do not reflect changes that were voted by membership after the April 2024 All Members Meeting.

Image by Markus Spiske

Shop Steward Information

If you are in need of a shop steward for questions or concerns, please click below:

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